Winstrol 50mg-Stanozolol Injection Injection For Weight loss, Lean Muscle Gain

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Active Ingredient: Stanozolol 50mg
Half-life : 24h (injectable), 8h (oral)
Detection Time: 3 weeks (oral) to 9 weeks (injectable)
Class: Androgenic/Anabolic steroid ( Ratio:30:320 )
Acne: Rarely
Water retention: Rarely
High blood pressure: Rarely
Liver Toxic: Yes
Ship From: Europe
Shipping Time: Standard Shipping (12-15)


Winstrol – Stanozolol may be a terribly usually used steroid for cutting cycles. whereas many of us can decide to use Dianabol or perhaps Anadrol for cutting cycles, I´ve very ne’er detected of anyone victimization Stanozolol for any price except a cutting cycle. It´s a small amount of a one-trick-pony during this respect. Let Maine repeat that: Stanozolol may be a cutting drug. Not many folks can argue for its use in a very bulking cycle. It´s by no means a really effective compound for treating anemia (1) and so, one may justly assume that its role in bulking cycles is incredibly restricted. One novel use for Winstrol in any cycle (perhaps even bulking) would be to use it at a really restricted dose, so as to lower SHBG. (2) one among the properties of Winstrol is it´s profound ability to lower SHBG way more than different steroids. A dose of .2mg/kg down SHBG considerably, which might successively, raise the quantity of free androgenic hormone current within the body. like ninety-nine of steroids, however, it´s necessary to notice that suppression of your natural secretion levels can occur (though maybe to not the extent that it’ll with several different steroids).(10) like running nearly any compound, androgenic hormone supplementation (i.e. running check in a very cycle containing Winstrol) is secured to avoid attainable sexual pathology.

Winstrol & Stanozol Use Effects

I ran Winstrol for regarding three months (12 weeks) at a dose of 100mgs each different Day (along with check prop at 125mgs, each different day) and that I suffered no ill-effects. My joints felt fine, and that i will say that the sole issue that was undesirable that cycle was the injection pain. Generally, individuals report a “dry” and fewer lubricated feeling in their joints once on this drug (fluid retention is cypher with Stanozolol), and conjointly a “dry” overall look as regards contest preparation. this might result to a kind of “reverse-osmotic” impact…of course this can be speculation, however, individuals do look “dryer” on Winnie, and a few even look appliance within the website they inject (more on this later). There ar several conflicting reports on sinew strength and Stanozolol, even in medical journals. Some reports state that it weakens tendons, others that it strengthens them (and some speculation on the web among several “guru´s” is that it strengthens them inconsistently, resulting in attainable injury). For this reason, it’s going to be best for athletes in explosive or high-impact sports to remain far from this drug. it’s actually been shown to be useful in some bone ailments elicited by hormone elicited stress (5) further as having scleroprotein manufacturing properties (11), however with all of the anecdotal issues athletes have suffered from their joints whereas, on Stanozolol, I merely cannot suggest it confidently to strength/speed athletes. I will say that in person, it absolutely was an efficient compound on behalf of me and failed to cause joint force, however, I will do while not the discomfort of the shots, and have found different DHT based mostly compounds to be much more effective (Masteron springs to mind).

As antecedently declared, this compound is exclusive, because it is obtainable in each Associate in Nursing oral kind further as Associate in Nursing injectable kind. each form contain the precise same compound, however injecting this compound (and affirmative, you’ll be able to drink the injectable version, and no you shouldn´t) is superior to ingesting it orally in terms of chemical element retention (6), and so one would conjointly imagine, for overall biological process. Injecting it conjointly has the advantage of avoiding the “first pass” through your liver, and so places your liver underneath less stress.

Stanozolol (Winstrol) and Female

Stanozolol is additionally one among the few compounds that girls will take safely, as it´s anabolic: androgenic magnitude relation is sort of inclined towards biological process. It´s typically accepted that girls will tolerate around 5-10mgs on a daily basis of this compound. Men, on the opposite hand, will lose themselves within the .5-1.5mg/kg vary. I notice 100mgs injected each different Day to be ample, however in fact, even with the injectable kind, on a daily basis dosing is perfect. I tend to favor DHT based mostly compounds and have enjoyed nice success with a Winstrol/Masteron/Testosterone cycle, however, i think that replacement the Masteron therein cycle with Trenbolone would prove additional useful for many bodybuilders seeking to induce ripped.

Although the anabolic magnitude relation of this product is incredibly high as compared to its steroid hormone actions, not many folks report vast weight gains off of Stanozolol. Also, apparently, it’s a comparatively weak AR binding ability (7), that is sort of uncommon for a “cutting” steroid. several of the consequences of this drug as relates to putting together muscle, ar in all probability from its terribly high macromolecule synthesizing ability (6) (8). additionally, since this compound comes from DHT, it tends to push a really nice, “quality” look to the user´s muscles, with very little or no water retention. Winstrol doesn’t aromatize at any rate and has even been presupposed to have anti-progestenic properties (in a minimum of some cases, wherever it’s going to “block” that receptor) (9). If one were to run accessory compounds with Stanozolol, maybe antagonist would be acceptable for its useful effects on blood lipids, however, Associate in Nursing anti-estrogen (in it´s classic sense) would be unwarranted; correct post cycle medical aid continues to be required, though.

Most underground labs manufacture Winstrol at terribly affordable costs, in each Associate in Nursing oral further as injectable kind. sadly, production worth differs immensely because of the varied size of the Stanozolol powder accustomed create the injectable version; the finer the powder, the smaller gauge needle it’ll work through, and also the easier the injection are. in fact, the other is additionally true& In any case, you ought to be paying underneath $100 for a 10ml bottle of 100mg/ml concentration, and roughly a similar for a hundred approximately 10mg tablets.

Side Effects Of Winstrol

As with any reasonably drug or medication, there are aspect effects attainable from victimization Winstrol. Before taking this product, it’s necessary for individuals to bear in mind of those aspect effects and to arrange consequently. By keeping these symptoms and aspect effects in mind, someone will be additional educated and aware of what constitutes a heavy downside, and what represents an additional benign aspect impact of Winstrol.

There are some documented, serious aspect effects related to victimization Winstrol. sensitivity – as well as hives, swelling of the tongue, lips or face, throat constriction or general issue respiratory – do occur in some individuals. in addition, types of puffiness (or swelling) would possibly occur once victimization Winstrol; this development is especially common around one’s ankles. In men, persistent and frequent erections could begin happening once victimization this drug; breast enlargement or tenderness may additionally occur. Finally, a hoarse, deepening voice, hair loss and/or facial hair growth ar different aspect effects that are thought-about serious; medical attention ought to be wanted now in such cases.

Additional, less serious aspect effects also are related to Winstrol. unexpected skin disease outbreaks – or the worsening of existing skin disease – are common. Some individuals report frequent headaches once taking Winstrol. Others expertise changes in desire starting from a whole lack of interest to close neurotic interest. In general, any unexpected modification in one’s health or well being could also be thought-about an aspect impact of Winstrol and will be closely and thoroughly monitored.

Serious Risks related to Winstrol

Beyond the aspect effects listed on top of, Winstrol has been glorious to cause severe – or perhaps fatal – liver issues in those who use it. those who are victimization Winstrol underneath the care of a doctor ar commonly subject to routine liver functioning tests so as to create positive their health isn’t being compromised. {this is|this is often|this will be} in addition why victimization Winstrol lawlessly can be very risky; such individuals don’t receive liver observation, and run a better risk of developing serious issues.

There are symptoms related to liver hassle from taking Winstrol. a number of the foremost common embody abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, palish stools, abnormally dark colored excreta, and nausea or forcing out. in addition, yellowing of the skin or the eyes could also be bestowed and should represent early types of liver hassle. no matter why someone is taking Winstrol, these symptoms must always be unbroken in mind. If one among additional of those symptoms happens, someone ought to ask for medical facilitate now. Otherwise, irreparable {or even|or couldbe|or perhaps} fatal injury to the liver may occur.

Thus, many folks limit their intake of Stanozolol to precontest or Summer-cutting sorts of cycles. It´s typically accepted that because of the toxicity problems with Stanozolol, its use ought to be restricted to six weeks.


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